Referral Letters

Homeowner   (RBI) literally turned a negative situation into a positive experience. Your company wasted no time starting the project and the crew did not let up until it was completely finished…- Homeowner, Elk Grove

(Project completed in 48 days)

Homeowner   I LOVE THE HOUSE…LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!- Homeowner, Roseville

(Project completed in 93 days)

Homeowner   Being skeptical of both insurance companies and contractors, I was initially very reluctant to hire the same contractor the insurance company had retained… Now, six months later, I consider the decision to hire RBI the best major decision I have ever made.Most impressive, and unique in my experience with contractors, was the incredible level of communication.

- Homeowner, Cameron Park

(Project completed in 123 days)

(Owner, Kelley Automotive)   RBI went out of their way in dealing with the county departments involved with our project.- (Owner, Kelley Automotive), Shingle Springs

(Project completed in 63 days)

Homeowner   …it only took the company 82 days to do the job (was told that it would be 120 days). I won’t forget the night (RBI) put in an emergency electric line to my motor home so that I could have power.- Homeowner, Sacramento

(Project completed in 82 days)

Homeowner.   My contractor friends notice the texture of the walls & the crown molding. My everyday friends just like how it looks all over. We call it the “new old house” (or is it the “old new house”)? Either way it is GREAT!- Homeowner., Sacramento

(Project completed in 52 days)

(Property Manager)   Your company (management and staff) were professional, proficient…and respectful of our property loss and inexperience in dealing with the consequences of such a loss.You are easy to work with, honest and most of all care about making sure that your clients are completely satisfied with work performed.

-(Property Manager), Sacramento

Fire Captain, Property Owner   (RBI) met with the insurance adjuster to assist with explaining why they should replace items with questionable damage…completed the job ahead of schedule.- Fire Captain, Property Owner, Sacramento

(Project completed in 70 days)

UC Davis Medical Building owner   The General Contractor who does our building maintenance reported, “These guys really know what they’re doing!” Amen!!- UC Davis Medical Building owner, Auburn
Homeowner   Your company not only came through for us, but did so in the most complete and satisfying manner… conscientious… went the “extra mile” for us…- Homeowner, Citrus Heights
Homeowner   …any time something needed to be ordered or a decision needed to be made you made it so easy.…you were so patient and really took care of any of the many details when I called.

- Homeowner, Nevada City

  I was expecting about a month for the whole job. Imagine my surprise to find that everything (I mean everything!) was completed in just two weeks.- Property Manager, Gold River

(Project completed in 14 days)