RBI Is Unique

It takes time and diligence to rebuild correctly, but it shouldn’t be delayed by poor scheduling and lack of experience.



Here’s how we can get you back in your home or business quickly:
• We control critical phases of every project (no waiting on subcontractors) by holding licenses in several trades in which our staff is trained and certified.

• Emergency repairs are done immediately by our employees ( including temporary electrical and plumbing repairs to preserve landscaping, pools, ponds or anything on or around a structure that may require water or power).

• We don’t wait for a check to start work, and we don’t stop working due to availability of funds being released from mortgage or insurance companies.

• Our estimates are accurate and complete, so the owner, insurance company and mortgage company are all in agreement on the replacement cost.

• After hundreds of successful rebuilds, from total losses to minor damage, we know how to expedite jobs with Building Departments and insurance companies.