The Rebuilding Process

How does the rebuilding process work?


Step 1:  Inspect the property and get a complete scope of repairs.

  • We meet with the property owner and insurance adjuster on site
  • RBI’s professionals will point out damaged areas specifically
  • Discuss how repairs will be performed and why they’re necessary

Insurance adjusters need proper documentation and a thorough explanation before they can pay for products or damage. This part of the process is vitally important to settle your claim. Insurance will pay for like kind and quality, and we make sure that information is accurate and complete. Our experience and investigative skills enable us to provide a complete cost estimate so there are no surprises partway through construction.

Step 2:  Insurance approval

Once we’ve identified the specific scope of damage, we work with your insurance company to get an agreed cost so the work can be performed correctly and guaranteed.

Step 3:  Hire a contractor (or contractors)

Our contract with you will include every detail of your job, including a start date and a completion date.

Step 4:  Prepare the necessary paperwork

  • RBI will help you with all paperwork required by your mortgage company, insurance company and Building Department
  • We take care of permits so our customers don’t have to deal with them

Step 5:  You approve product selections, materials and repair specifications

  • We will assist you in selecting finishes, flooring, fixtures and all the other details
  • No work will be done and no products will be purchased without your approval
  • During restoration, upgrades are often far less expensive to incorporate. Energy upgrades may qualify for government rebates as well.

As the rebuild is taking place

  • Your insurance will pay for housing up to the estimated time of completion; after that time those funds may come out of your replacement costs. Make sure your contractor is on track to complete your project on time!